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Eat Seasonally To Save Money

Food And Drink : Great Food Tips

Only buy fruit and veg when its in season as this will save you a lot of money and also is better for the planet.

Plus they will taste much better as they will be much richer with their natural nutrients.

Check the labels when in store to compare and see how they differ from month to month. If they're more expensive then they've probably been shipped or flown from afar.

Local grocers and farm shops can usually be a lot cheaper as there is no middle man shipping the product. However some farmers market type events can be more expensive so beware of these.

Strawberries in June are much sweet and brighter in colour, so they taste a lot better than the watery version in winter.

Get your children to try out different fruit and veg so they get their five a day, plus they dont have to keep having the same thing every week, even when its not in season which could be more costly for you. Expand their diet and it will be easier for you to do the food shop.

By: Danielle

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