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Enjoy Your Summer At Home


If you stay at home most of the summer, theres no need to be bored. Here are some ideas you could do.

If you like art, then you could sit in the garden and draw, paint, or make things, such as jewellery. You could even set up a small home business and sell your crafts to your local community.

Learn to play an instrument, or speak a new language. Decorate your room or have a clear out and move furniture around.

If you prefer sports then put together a sports day for your family and friends, or a game of cricket in the local park.

Cook some new recipes and share them with your friends. Have a pampering day or experiment with new hairstyles and clothes. There are loads of new ideas online for you to try out. Set up a TV in the garden and invite some people round to watch a film. Have a barbecue or camp in your back yard.

Put on a fashion show, garden party or talent contest in your home.

By: Danielle

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