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How To Ensure Fair Pay At Work

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Many women throughout the EU often have difficulty earning a salary equal to that of their male counterparts, despite doing the same job and having the same amount of responsibility. The following points may help you to evaluate your situation and give you an idea of what action you can take to rectify this situation. A bill on the subject to try and encourage employers to be fairer is currently going through parliament.

It is worthwhile doing some research and finding out the typical going rate for someone in your job. Look at a variety of job advertisements in newspapers, the internet and any other forms of media.

If possible, get a list of the basic salary rates for a variety of positions throughout your company and compare these figures with the national averages.

Know how to negotiate and be firm. Stress the responsibility and skills your job demands. If you know and value your own worth then you can impress this upon the people in charge.

Make the most of any appraisals and job reviews with your boss. Take the opportunity to highlight your achievements and show what an asset you are to the company. Give concrete examples.

It may also be useful to join a union if you are not already a member of one, as this body may be able to help you in negotiating. Similarly, if you really feel that you are being undermined , organisations such as the Equal Opportunities Commission or your local Citizen's Advice Bureau can also offer help and advice on how to solve the problem. They can advise on the laws and rights which protect women who find themselves in this situation.


By: Steve on Sat, Jun 15th 2002

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