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How To Erode Society - Focus On Rights


The more I read about rights, the more I believe the observations of Marx were right. Essentially, a rights-based society will erode and become an untenable society.

The main problems with a rights based society is that it focusses on the individual and completely excludes any collective notion such as that of society. It encourages people to be selfish, to look purely to satisfy their own needs, and demand the right to do anything.

The notion of the individual and that of the collective are obviously at opposite ends of the scale, and hence society - a collective notion - breaks down when there is such a focus on rights at the detriment of everything else, particularly when institutions such as the court of human rights are created, we may as well give up on a tenable society.

We have seen that all strongly rights based societies (Western societies) are breaking down and decaying, with massive crime levels, lack of education and the inability of any authority to impose itself due to the pre-possession with rights.

Only with some politic that focusses at least to some extent on the collective, the community, can Western societies and their democracies become tenable once again. But this does not mean going to the extreme of Communist societies, it just means that a BALANCE needs to be struck between the idea of individual rights without focussing on rights to the EXCLUSION of everything else.

By: Pete Edwards on Sat, Aug 30th 2003

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The easy test to see if the claim for "rights" is valid or not, is ask yourself - if all is fair then I should be happy with their rights and they with mine. If equal rights don't matter, then you should be happy to swap yours with that, say of a woman who has an unwanted pregnancy and told "too bad" by some Catholic constitution she didn't write or a gay man who is told he can not marry because he and his partner have what somebody else says are the wrong arrangement of toilet parts. It's all very nice saying that rights are bad for society when you have all you want and you don't care about anyone else. As soon as we all have exactly the same rights, then we can stop going on and on about them. Until then - we're not going to shut up and we will be in your face about it. If "society" to you means inequality, arrogance, superiority complexes, mindless "tradition" and a "me on top you on bottom" attitude, then it's time to erode society once and for all.


Rights without responsibility is an act of Evil

So the fact that I want the right to privacy causes a breakdown of society does it?

Keep learning old bean and one day you may be able to talk some sense

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