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How To Evade Devorce

Relationships : Friendships

A great deal of families are breaking up and it worries so much. you wonder why get in a relationship that you are not sure to keep. devorce and separation can be avoided.yes sure it can be! there is not a single person who meets the ideal qualities that one searches for. trully all of us learn from the people we grow to look up to, we tend to go their way hence become a slave of character traits we do not like.
if we openly share the best and the worst part of our lives the result is absolute= respect and love. you do not want to detach from somebody you open to and opens to you.
wonder why lay naked for intimacy? i believe its a sign of openness, truth, trust and not shame. but why take this advantage to pollute the love given you and wast it.
there is no need to divorce if a couple communacated their hurts as their happy times.
there is no need for divorce if a couple can give an ear to the other.
they say, and it true, the roots are bitter but the fruit sweet. jesus taught that you will know them by their fruits. i will add that by their roots you will understand.
if love is what brings two together, then understanding that it is like a seed planted that requires tender care and watering for it to give the best of the yields, then the is no need for divorce and separation.
evade divorce a soon as the clouds forms.

By: Charles Kanyuga

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