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Exam Technique: Be Specific

Education : Exams And Revision

One of the frustrating things for examiners can be that they can see the candidate knows about the topic, but is not being specific enough in their answers.

The words that are vagueries of the english language like "stuff" and "things" are the curses of exams as they get you know marks.

You might write, for instance, that the products of photosynthesis are oxygen and other stuff; or simply that the products of photosynthesis include oxygen. Which begs the question - and what!

Always be specific in your answers; not just in english but in technical terms too.

Don't write sugar when you need to write glucose for instance to balance an equation. Always try to be precise, and use the correct term. For instance don't talk about germs when you mean bacteria or perhaps on some occasions viruses.

The marks are awarded for specific words or terms being mentioned in the answer, therefore be sure to use the keywords of the topic.

By: Fred

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