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Fantastic Kitchen Help Tips

Food And Drink : Great Food Tips


If you’re making a cake or cookies with dried fruits in them, coat the fruits with flour and they won’t, sink to the bottom of your batter.

Use a salt shaker filled with powered or colored sugar, for sprinkling candies and cookies.

When making sugar cookies, you can sprinkle on colored sugars before baking.

A handy little shaker filled ¾ full of salt and ¼ full of pepper, comes in handy next to the stove.

Here’s a great trick. When you want to put a design on the top of a cake., take a toothpick and trace the design first. Then sprinkle on the topping.

Take fresh bread and wrap it in wax paper. Now place it in the refrigerator. It won’t get moldy as fast.

Vanilla extract can be substituted for sugar. Just use 5 drops to replace ¼ cup of granulated.

If your having a problem keeping your soft cookies soft and keeping the moisture in the cakes and pan - cakes, just add a tsp of jelly to the batter. Any jelly will work.

Next time you cut a cake, try cutting it from the center out. This way you can move the pieces, closer together and it will keep the edges moist.

When using cookie cutters, dip you cutters in oil, every once it the while. It will keep them from sticking.

If you want chocolate slivers, then use your potato peeler on a chocolate bar.

Chill your dough for easier rolling of cookies.

Spray your cheese grater with vegetable spray. Now clean up will be a breeze.

Spray your measuring cups with vegetable spray, now no gooey substance will stick.

Cookie jars should have a loose fitting lid, if you want cookies to stay crisp.
This will allow air to circulate around the cookies.

If a recipe calls for a greased pan, always use unsalted butter. Salted has a tendency to cause food to stick to the pan.

Now if you want your sugar cookies to remain a little soft, then roll the dough out in granulated sugar instead of flour.

Never stretch your pie dough when placing it in the pan. Stretched dough will usually shrink away from the sides.

When your mixing a batter, spray the beaters with a vegetable spray. Now the batter won’t climb up the beaters.

By: Bev

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