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Fashion Modelling Information


Fashion modelling is the most common form of modelling. It is perfectly respectable and not like glamour which has a stigma attached and is more for people who don't have the right look for high-end modelling so fall into that dodgier area instead where the quality of the look is less important and it's all about the body and revealing clothes instead.

With fashion modelling, you need to meet strict requirements - for instance be 5'9 or over for a girl. Usually models are looked for in the age range of around 16 - 22. When you are over 30, that's it and you won't get much mainstream fashion modelling unless you want to move into catalogue modelling and clothes etc that do require the more mature woman.

For fashion modelling you need a great portfolio with lots of looks and scenarios and market to the good quality agencies, the ones that actually don't charge for you being on their books and will work hard to market you. You need to be persistent, high class.

By: Sasha

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