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How To Fill In TV Quiz Application Forms


If you want to be on TV, then you need to put a bit of time in.

Why? Because the application forms you are asked to fill in are almost as bad as the ones you get for a job application.

This is because they are tending to target a particular type of person and therefore want to find out what makes you tick and what your personality is like so they only invite suitable people for the quiz show audition.

Therefore don't get scared by the form; rather try to answer honestly.

Also be sure to talk yourself up. As a rule they want loud, boisterous people for quiz shows... therefore if this is you, perfect.

Note how many big prizes on radio for instance are always won by screaming middle aged women. Why? They get the most excited, most blokes who win just go 'oh that's great' - therefore women are actively screened in for this sort of thing!

By: Fred

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