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How To Find Out More About The Candidates For Election In My Area?


Most of the PPC's - that is the prospective parliamentery candidates - either have their own website these days or alternatively there will be a profile of information about them on the relevant page of the party they are standing for.

There are profiles, either extensive or rather shorter, on the majority of candidates on the PPC pages of the major parties so these may be your first port of call.




Lib Dem

You may also find that a general websearch on the candidates name + PPC may also yiled fruit and bring up information about them.

A current MP who is standing for re-election will certainly have their own website where you can find out more about them.

Most new candidates for election do not just appear out of nothing but have probably (whether you realise it or not) done several years slog on a council or at least been involved in politics to some degree via another means; and if they've been on the council then there will no doubt be lots of internet trails and traces you can follow about their council meetings, what they've said and done at council meetings, hustings and so on.

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