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How To Fix A Loose Rawlplug.

DIY : Home Repair

Something every DIY'er comes across pretty regularly........

If – despite using the correct size of drill – you find that a rawlplug just won’t grip into plasterboard, there are a number of things you can do about it:

1} Wrap a couple of turns of tape tightly around the plug until it grips securely.

2} If your plasterboard is simply very old and “rotting”, use paper tape as above, coat it with wood glue or SuperGlue, tap into place, and allow it to dry.

3} Try using a bigger rawlplug! ;-)

4} Use a metal rawlplug – this cuts a much wider hole, but is generally very secure.

5} If all of the above fail, try using a butterfly bolt instead. This type opens up and “spreads” behind the wall as you tighten the screw, giving a secure “X” grip even on old and crumbling plasterboard.

6} As a last resort, use a long rawlbolt instead. These go straight through the plasterboard into the brickwork behind it {you’ll need to use something like a 7” long masonry drill for this}, and will provide an extremely strong and secure fixing.

By: John Hughes

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