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How To Fix Fragmented Virtual Memory

Computing : Operating Systems

The Windows Swap File acts as "extra memory" for your

computer when regular RAM (Random Access Memory) is used

up. Sometimes, this virtual memory can get fragmented on

your hard drive, causing slowdowns! To remedy this there

are three solutions.

1) Copy the swap file to an empty disk and de-fragment the

file. Then copy it back. This can be dangerous and somewhat

risky. I do not recommend this!

2) Delete the swap file and let Windows reallocate it. I do

not recommend this, either! This might cause your system to

freeze up or not to boot.

3) Buy a third party product and let it defrag the swap

file. This is probably the best solution because it allows

a de-fragmentation of the swap file with minimal danger to

your system.

By: Jason Seddon on Sun, Aug 11th 2002

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