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How to Lessen The gas.

Doc Says:

Kids do it more for entertainment. For adults it is a bit embarrassing. We can all remember the kids in our classes, that made those body noises. But he was not a hit at the dinner table, when the boss came to visit. But lets all remember the passing of gas is completely normal.

Several people have come into my office reporting that their child is very gassy, always passing wind. This is not necessarily a bad thing.
Passing of gas is better than gas trapped inside the body and causing pain.

If your child is exceptionally gassy, it could be due to what he is eating. Or bacteria living in his gastrointestinal tract. Everybody’s tract is a little bit different. Some bacteria
produce more gas than others.

Here are some simple remedies to try:

Serve Something Hot To Drink
Try giving the child a cup of hot tea, or some other warm liquid. This seems to help for gas pains. Why research still has to find out.
My theory is that the heat makes the gas expand. This may make the problem worse for a short time. But the heat allows the gas to escape where it is trapped.

If you have an infant who is troubled by gas, you can get the same effect by putting a cloth wrapped hot water bottle, on the child’s abdomen for no more than 10 – 15 minutes at a time. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THE BOTTLE IS NOT SO HOT THAT IT BURNS THE CHILD.

Seek Out Simethicone
Use an over the counter anti- gas medication that contains simethicone. This ingredient is very effective, because it breaks up gas into smaller bubbles, which are much less uncomfortable and easier to pass. BE SURE TO READ PACKAGE INSTRUCTIONS – OR CHECK WITH YOUR DOC FOR CORRECT DOSEAGE FOR YOUR CHILD.

Watch for A Broccoli Backlash
Foods high in fiber like broccoli, cabbage, and beans cause more flatulence than others.
These foods aren’t favorites of kids, but they are part of that healthy diet. Keep an eye out. If these foods seem to trigger a gas crisis, then cut back temporarily or experiment with some alternatives.

Use An Enzyme To Tame Those Beans
There is an anti – gas product on the market called Beano. Available in health food stores, and some grocery. Beano will neutralize the gas producing effects of beans. Just sprinkle a few drops on your child’s bean burrito and see what happens.

Work It Out
If your child is a couch potato, send him outside for a walk. Exercise will help the body eliminate gas. Especially after a meal.

Give Baby a Lift And A Pat
Babies have an especially tough time passing gas. It becomes trapped and painful.
You can tell when a baby needs to pass gas. He will look bloated, or have a filled up look. So mom move your baby around, change him to an upright position, and pat him a little bit. This will help relieve the gas. Raising or tilting the head of the crib so the baby’s head is up can also help.

Establish Gas – Free Zones
Tell your child passing gas is normal. But he must handle the situation in his room, or bathroom. The dinner table or any other social situation is unacceptable

If your child is passing gas for attention, than tell him if he passes gas in the public, he can’t play with his video games for a few weeks.
Or whatever his current pastime may

By: Bev

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