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Flirting Tips For Online Dating

Relationships : Online Dating

When it comes to online dating, you don't want to flirt too soon or too blatantly.

So the key is to be quite subtle with your flirting and leave it a few messages first, otherwise it will come across as either too strong, too soon or just a little desperate, which of course is not what you want to portray.

But is it possible flirt through online dating when so much of flirting is about smiles, glances, and body language generally in one way or another?

Well, yes, because you can make references and use language that implies you like the other person.

Simple things like instead of calling them by their name, call them gorgeous or handsome.

Rather than just signing off with bye you can have hopefully see you soon and a few kisses and so forth.

In other words by using friendly language and the sort of language you would use with someone closer to you than a friend you can really flirt quite effectively online through text and therefore see if there is any response and if the other person is interested in you too.

By: Stephanie

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