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Floor Cleaning Tips

Cleaning : Useful Cleaning Tips

Buy an acid free cleaner if you have wood or laminated flooring, otherwise you may stain it or wear away the shine.

Make sure you clean in the corners and around the edges, especially in the kitchen and under furniture.

Use a soft bristle brush to sweep away any dirt before mopping, to avoid scratching the wood.

If they are quite new, then you may prefer to use a special cleaning company or buy professional wood treatments. Read the label before buying to check if its suitable.

Use as little water as possible when mopping up and squeeze it out before hand.

Hoover regularly to keep carpets looking clean and fresh, and avoid the colour fading. Hire a proper cleaner if you want to get them cleaned thoroughly. Or use some soapy water to clean out any stains. Make sure it has time to dry properly and then brush it back in the right direction as well.

Make sure that any pet hair and mess is cleaned up especially if you have cats and dogs.

By: Danielle

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