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How To Get A Better Response To A Complaints Letter

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If you don't get a good response to your first complaints letter or no response at all, then there are usually two tips you can employ to make the chance of a suitable reply greater.

The first is to include a 'cc' line at the top of bottom of your letter.

In that 'cc' line, include the name of a director or the chief exec of a company. That should kick start the complaints team into service as otherwise it might get back to the CEO and make them look bad.

The second tip is to actually write to the boss themselves. Here letters may be read by the exec themselves or more likely addressed by their personal assistant and the response is often more likely to be to your liking than if you write to the generic complaints address that 90% of people use.

By employing these two simple tactics you can greatly increase the response you get and your satisfaction with your complaints letters and their resolution.

By: Fred

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