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How To Get A Date

Relationships : Dating Advice

Men, are you finding it hard to get a date? Then you're probably making these three classic mistakes. Avoid them and you will have more dating success:

Bad body language: don't fold your arms or legs. Be open with your body and mirror hers. If she leans forward you do too!

Speaking about yourself: girls love to talk about themselves, so if you're nervous ask her lots of questions rather than doing the easy thing and talking lots about yourself

No to mobiles: If you're mobile is on, put it on silent - answering calls whilst you're trying to chat a girl up is a definite no-no!

By: Marco on Sat, Aug 14th 2004

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Ok...being of the female species, I think I can offer some advice. The biggest turn off is being too pushy; relax and try to get to know each other. Also, telling her that you're a "lawyer, doctor, etc" at the start makes you look like you're trying too hard or that you're probably lying to impress her. If you really are a doctor or lawyer, she'll find out eventually if she's interested enough to ask. When you reply, this time you'll say it like it's no big deal. Modesty is a good thing. And...the obvious thing is NOT to be too overconfident. Coming off as a confident, but modest guy can probably get you (70% of the time) a date..

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