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How To Get A Record Deal


To get a record deal these days, you really need to stand out. Think about it - there are loads of people out there who are good singers and dancers, or even good looking too.

Time and again research shows it's those with some sort of unique identity that have the most success, so this is what the producers and those who control the music industry look for.

Do you have a unique voice that people can pick up over the radio? Can you apply your personality to make a song your own rather than just do a very good karaoke impression of someone else's song?

If you can then you could well help yourself get a record deal. Think about it - the companies want someone with identity as they will sell the best. So think about what you're doing - apply your own personality and identity to the songs and material that you sing and create.

If you can create for yourself a truly unique identity, then you are well on the way to recording success.

By: Pete Edwards on Sat, Aug 30th 2003

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