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How To Get A Work Life Balance In Your Company

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Most companies have a work life balance statement buried somewhere in their HR documentation. But most times this is just paid lip service to and those who have work life balance are frowned upon and some even wilfully stopped from progressing through the ranks of a company.

Whether a small or major corporation, sometimes it is heavily engrained in the culture that you should not leave on time, and leaving on time can lead to poorer performance.

So if you work in this environment what can you do to ensure that you get a work life balance?

Option one is to simply leave the company.

Option two is to start enlightening your boss or whoever influences these decisions in your company that you really are more productive if you have a work life balance. This takes time but is usually worth it in the end.

The best option is to look for some sort of compromise. Work the hours requested (not on your contract but by the company culture) four days a week, on condition that on the fifth day you can work from home.

Indeed the commute is often quite a tiring aspect of each day and can be a real grind down by the end of the week, so getting to work from home one day a week is a great way of getting some work life balance whilst still allowing the company to feel it is getting the hours that it wants from you!

By: Fred

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