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How To Get Away If Held From Behind

Self Development : Self Defence

Even with vigilance, sometimes situations creep up on us that we are not aware of, and by the time we become aware, a situation may have developed.

One such situation is when someone comes up from behind you and grabs you, for instance to then grab your handbag or your valuables and phone from your pocket.

What should you do if someone grabs you from behind.

Well, many people naturally either try to turn around or to struggle forward.

However the best form of defence to get away here is to actually, throw yourself backwards with all your body weight as hard as you can into the attacker.

This will usually catch them by surprise and off guard just for a split second - enough time to then sprint off forward as quickly as you can in that momentary second where they are off guard and lose or loosen their grip on you.

By: Fred

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