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How To Get Back With Your Ex

Relationships : Relationship Advice

It's been 2 months and i wanna be with my ex girlfriend. i'm sooo heart broken right now. we both agreed on the break up and month later i regreat it. i wish i could get back with her but now she is being soooo cold with me. i sent flowers i tried to talk to her and she will not answer any of my calls or txt messages. right now i'm tryin my best to leave her alone. i tried to move on but all it does is hurt me in the end cause i miss her sooo much. we went though soooo much together and i have no idea how to get back with her. please if there is anyone that can help me i could sure use your help. i didn't do anything to her for her to act like this. she doesn't even wanna be my friend. please can someone help me with this deal.

By: Eric

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