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How To Get Endless Toiletries And Food, And Much More!

Money : Money Management

To sample goods for free, what do you do?

Well, watch out for new foods and other such items that comes on the market. Write to the manufacturers, or email them if possible to save money, expressing your interest in their products or what they have to offer. Ask for a free sample. In most instances they want to be seen to have good customer service and get you interested in their product, and will send you something back - perhaps even a full-sized product if they don't have any smaller samples.

How to: use writing to help you

Recent research shows that people who regularly write down their thoughts and feelings are helped to be relieved of their aches and pains. You will feel healthier and calmer if you frankly record your experiences, both good and stressful - your well-being is positively affected. Who would have thought it!

How to: achieve great levels of concentration

To block out those distracting thoughts that can affect concentration, what do you do? Shut your eyes and imagine before you a 'stop' sign, with the word flashing on and off brightly. Say 'stop' over and over and over again in time with the flashing of the neon red sign in your head.

Also, clench your fist and contract and relax in time with the word 'stop' as you say it and as you consequently imagine it to flash on and off brightly lit in your head. Repeat this process as and when you feel that it is necessary. The result - focussed thought and no distractions. What a simple stop technique that was!

How to look well-off - when you're not

Should you for whatever reason want to do the above - perhaps you have over-estimated your fortune in those discussions with the important people you mix with in certain circles and have to attend a certain event, or just want to portray an opulent image for whatever reason it might be. >[? How do you go about this? Well, follow these tips and you might not go far wrong, remember attitude is everything!

  • Wear light colours - beige, white, cream. Light suits are invariably only worn by well-to-do people.

  • wear jewellery that appears good quality - stick to gold or silver imitations, no huge earrings that lions could jump through. keep it simple.

  • don't have a short hair cut; simple and even all over the place are the hallmark of the rich

  • Wear fibres like cotton, wool and linen

  • Think about tanning cream so you can have that tan all-year round. When one doesn't work, one is off on holiday all the time whilst the rest of us are stuck fading away at work, so one should really have an all-round tan!

  • Name drop. Place drop. Everything impressive drop. Drop til you drop.

  • If you can, try and buy a few items in shops that are famously only used by the well-to-do. It doesn't need to be a big item of course, just the odd little thing will help create the image of opulence even if you are scrimping and scraping like anything!

  • Self-improvement. Books, that is. They love this sort of thing. Also try dabbling with a little bit of political philosophy - read a little bit of Hegel, or Weber, dabble with Rousseau and Locke and Hobbes. Even carry a small book with you. The rich are into trying to dabble with this sort of thing; or of course business as well.

  • Be eccentric. Well this one needs no explanation!

By: Sandra Muir on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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