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Get Fabulous Eyes

Beauty : Cosmetics

Check your eyes at the opticians every 2 years as they can help keep them healthy and even predict other illnesses.

You could use eye drops containing an ingredient called Naphozoline Hydrochloride, which is found commonly in over the counter brightening and whitening eye drops. It narrows the blood vessels and relieves congestion, so your eyes look brighter and clearer very quickly. If you laugh a lot it will also make them look friendly.

De puff around your eyes by avoiding caffeine and alcohol. Get a good nights sleep, which will also help a lot and reduce redness or dark shadows under your eyes.

Use a kohl eye pencil as it is ultra-soft, usually black, and can be used on the inner rims upper and lower of the eyes to make them look dramatic and mystical. They also come in browns, purples and blues.

Use mascara to make your lashes stand out and look longer. It will make you look more glamourous and girly too and can dramatically change your appearance along with some simple eye liner and foundation.

By: Danielle

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