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Get Healthy Hair Skin And Teeth

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Milk cheese and yogurt as part of a healthy, balanced diet can help keep you looking gorgeous.
For your hair-
The zinc iron and essential amino acids found in milk cheese and yogurt are all important fot keeping your hair shiny and healthy!

For your teeth-
For healthy, strong teeth you need nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus both of which can be found in milk, yougurt and cheese...

For your skin-
Milk cheese and yogurt all contain nutrients like zinc, vitamin a and vitamin b2 and copper. These nutrients are important to help you keep your skin healthy!!!

If you dont like milk have hot chocolate and yopu probably wont taste the milk the way it usually is on its own.
If you dont like plain yogurt try adding some sweet things like honey and fruit and even chopped nuts ...

By: Marianne

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