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How To Get Ideas For Novels

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It is possible that a very strong idea for a novel will just pop into your mind one day, and you will find yourself going off and writing that story.

But, for most people, this is not the case. Rather, an idea evolves over time.

One excellent way to get ideas and refine them is to keep a folder of thoughts: everytime you have an idea, jot it down.

Also store in the file any newspaper or magazine articles, or web site pieces that catch or fire your imagination.

This file will offer plenty stimulation, and may be used in the future to help you either generate more ideas, or alternatively to refine existing ones.

By: Job Expert

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Go somewhere inspiring. somewhere that's maybe a bit old, lots of cobbled streets, antique buildings, mysteries there. maybe a beach, or a park J.K. Rowling started Harry Potter in Edinburgh in a place called The Elephant Cafe. so just take a notebook somewhere interesting and jot down random things, and hopefully you will come up with something! good luck!

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