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How To Get Involved In Politics In The UK


The best way to get involved in politics in the UK is to join one of the political parties.

These all operate at the grass roots levels and often welcome junior members, or indeed not so junior.

By getting involved in the local party, you get exposed to the more mundane elements of politics but more importantly build a profile and a network of contacts, which is really what politics is all about - never think that it is about what you know as much as who you know, getting on with the right people, and being savvy about managing your profile and career.

If you have no particular political affiliations, the party politics system can make it hard to get that involved with politics, but there are a few independents out there however these start with a main party usually then branch out when they have the profile to sustain it or simply when they get disillusioned.

However the best method is definitely to get involved with the running of a party at local level, become a councillor eventually and then hope to get through a selection process to be a candidate for being an MP - then hope to have a safe or swing seat and run a good campaign.

By: Stephen

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