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How To Get More Friends

Relationships : Friendships

If you want to get more friends, then you need to get out and about meet people.

If you are a student at university or similar then you should take the time to get to know your neighbours and the other people who live near to you.

You already have something in common with them - where you are based.

If you are not at uni then you need to find other people that you have things in common with because generally we like talking to people that we have something in common with and being friends with those people.

Therefore you should join groups that interest you for instance if you have a particular hobby then try to find other interest groups you can join around that subject and get to know people that way too.

Don't hold out too much hope of meeting people online, sure it can be fun to chat online but there is nothing like real life conversation and friendship.

By: Stacy

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