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How To Get More Visits To Your Dating Profile

Relationships : Dating Advice

If you have an online dating profile, then the simple fact is that there is one thing you can do to double or triple or even more the number of hits your profile gets.

And that is simple - add a photo! The fact is we are quite a visual people these days in particular and therefore are more likely to look at profiles with photos.

Therefore if you don't have a photo on your profile, you are likely to not get much interest and particularly if you are a man as most sites tend to be male dominated, fact.

So, take the time to get a good quality photo taken of yourself and get it added to your profile as soon as you can.

You can even consider getting a professional photo taken depending how important this route of online dating is to you.

That said a good photo from a friend or family member with a decent camera is sure to be good enough these days with the quality of cameras and digital cameras as they are.

By: Stephanie

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