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How To Get Organised

Self Development : Success

To be successful you don't have to be organised, but it certainly helps. You will note that most people who do well have a focussed and detailed plan for most things that they do.

You should get into the habit of using 'to do' lists wherever possible. Even better, have several to do lists to help you prioritise.

For instance you have a must do list and a could do list. You can also prioritise over the course of the week, so have a separate list for each days things that must be done that day.

The other key tip to keeping organised is that before you finish work for the day scan through the list ensuring all is done. If not then work out what you need to carry over.

Then write a list of what needs to be done the next day. This will also help you switch off overnight before the next day as you know that you have recorded what needs to be done.

By: Fred

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