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How To Get Over Your Ex

Relationships : Teenagers

If your ex is still on your mind, more than a month after you split up, then you need to do something to get over them and move on.

This is often the case if you loved them more than they did you and hence were the one that was dumped.

You might wonder about trying to get back with them and still see them.

The best way to get over an ex is to go cold turkey - that is actively cut off contact with them.

If you are in contact still then even if it is hard stop calling them and stop texting them.

Try to cut them out your life completely for a couple of months. Get some new friends or ban your friends from mentioning that person.

After a while you should find that you think about them less and can then even think about moving on to your next relationship.

By: Stephanie

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Try to stay away form your ex if not all ways an option

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