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How To Get Rid Of Spots

Beauty : Haircare

Dab spots and blemishes with some WHITE iodine and watch those spots dry up and disappear.

By: Maryemm on Sat, Jun 15th 2002

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Where can you get white iodine from?

How can you get rid of spots?

How do you get rid of spots on your minge.

Buy 'Quinoderm' acne cream from a chemist. it works wonders it you dont have acne as its strong !!!!! gets rids of spots in about 2 hours if left on thick

I'm 13 and have had spots since i was 6!! They will not go away and it really gets me down!! My mum says its because I eat too much junk food but i disagree! I'll take your advice on the toothpaste thing and I hope it helps!

Hi ya can some1 help me plz i need to get rid of my spots quick i think its makeing my gf go of me plz help !!!!!

Hey, ive just recently been get loads spots on my face, i went 2 the doctors and said it was due to hormone change, i dont know why i have, ive had really clean skin before, and the difference is like OH MY GOD!! which is horrible and i hate it, i never really get spots, but when i do its like they never ending, it could be due to the heat, cus when its hot i tend to sweat a lot, and i have been on my periods l8ly, could b that, but whats anoying is,even tho i dont cratch them i get left behind with scars, its all good cover this with makep, but when you take it off u can c it, and its horrible. please help.

Ive tried anything your lucky you can where makeup

I find that popping your spots is not the answer what i do is use oxy pads they make your face feel fresh and the next day your spots will look alot smaller keep using them and you will see the difference. becx

^ Bout 2 Hours And There Gone!

^bout 15 mins

^ 5 mins!!

Hopee These Wrk x

Use tcp!!
i get loads of spots because i eat too much chocolate and wear too much foundation. just dab the tcp on big whoppers and they shrink within 10 minutes!
it kills your face though, because it feels like its burning - its worth it though!
x x x

Use oxy-gel on them

u can get it from savers really cheap

i used it and it helped like loads, but you should use a really strong moisturiser while your using is because it dries out your skin, and dont use it more than once a day!

hopee it helps xD

Hi I used to have loads of spots all over my forehead but then I used calomine lotion and toothpaste and its amazing! Gets rid of your spots in about 1-5 days sometimes in under a day depending on the spot! This really does work for my skin but may not work for yours. Just remember that healing spots takes time and they dont just vanish by magic. You need quite a bit of patience with getting rid of spots. They are verrrrry annoying!

Um i found out that its a myth that you get spots coz your face is dirty and its not true that you get spots from eating chocolate ... i was really reliefed when i found out coz i wash my face every day n nite and i knew my face werent dirty but i used this clear skin blue oily thing and you put it on a cotten wool thin and put it all over your face and i had foundation on and i thought it was all gone but when i used the clear skin i had like 9 cotten wool with make up on it .. so its really good it gets out the dirt that you carnt see and there is thing called spot stick .. its like a mini roll on thing wat you put on your head on the spots and you can feel it burning straight away so you know its working :) hope that hepled x

Heyah im 14 and i have acne which recks my life. All my friends dont have spots and i do! when we go on nights out i feel like crap cause i have spots all over my face, so i went to see my doctor on tuesdai and its now friday he gave me doxycycline pills for a month and then i have to go back so he can anaylse and change me to stronger medication if needed. He also gave me Dalacin topical lotion which i put on my spots before going to bed and now i have like only 2 spots left ! and its only been 3 days nearly :D so pleased with the out come so far so i suggest if u have acne u should go to see ur doctor because trust me nothing over the counter works ive tried everything even home remedies and sudo-crem and toothpaste and tea tree. hope this helps (: x

Hey just cleanse like hell cause these spots stick n whatever just dry crack and irritatet the skin leving red area! cleansing reduces breakouts and rednesss making the concealable!
i usee
then.. simple gell
then.. SImple Mosturising gell

Milk and honey soap its brill!

Hey I'm 13 and I get really bad spots on my fore head I started to get really causion. I was I'll and my spots got really bad but my mum came home with clearisl overnight wash. I used it that night and ever since my head has got so much better. I would so recommend this

P.s soz if it doesnt work :) xxx

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