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Get Rid Of Spots

Beauty : Spots And Acne

Well i hve to say i dont get many spots but recenly i have. i think it might be something to do with the amount of make up i wear. so my advice to make up wearers is only wear it occasionally. it clogs up your pours and brings out nasty spots.. how unattractive lol. what i use to help mine is a steamer. if u dont have a steamer you can try putting your face over a bowl of boiled water. dont apply creams everyday. they help to cllog up your pours aswell. i say even though it doesnt rid spots drink lots of water, eat nice healthy fruit n veg n take lots of exercize ryt? my 15 year old sister suffers from them a lot and has tried loadsof stuff. Clearisil Ultra didnt work for her. it says spots will be gone in 3 days. she used it for 2 months and still suffers. i use clean and clear blackhead cleanser which is very good for getting dirt out. it deep cleanses your skin its actually quite good. my advice is if you want that dont get it from a pharmacy get it from poundland!! exactly the same just cheaper [oh and it has foriegn writing on it]

yeah so try my advice. may not work completely but it helps!

Luiza x

Ps. Reply if u have tried it :P

By: Luiza

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Drink a glass of lemon juice each day it helps clean your skin, i have started doing it and my spots are going down lol. Also drink lots and lots of water this cleans your skin and just helps you in general.
bye bye x

p.s:-) if you dont like the taste of water then drink it with a straw it doesn't taste half as bad lol x

To help get rid of spots, you should clense atleast twice aday. once in the morning and once at night. when preparing for bed make sure all your make-up is removed and do not apply any creams. steam your face in HOT water for atleast 5mins. (Please be carfull if you are ashmatic as i am) Apply toothpaste or tetree oil to the spot area. do this for atleast a month. [x]Make sure to take a picture of you spots before the treatment then after the treatment[x]
Keep yourself on a diet, it may be hard to resist yummy foods but this has to be done. only have atleast 1 chocolate a day and make sure to drink plenty of water thoughout this month. keep free from acholic drinks and fizzy drinks. green food will do your goos justis. thank you! please reply to me and see how your skin should improve x

Hi im 15 and i have tried everything to get rid of spots having oily skin is the worst however i did try using toothpaste and it didnt work i found that putting your face over hot water for 5 minutes helps. And drink lots of water. Thankyou :) x

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