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How To Get Sleek And Shiny Hair

Beauty : Haircare

When looking for the sleek and shiny hair look, try not to wash it every day, every other day is fine because this takes away all the natural oils that keep the hair from going frizzy.

Shiny Hair: Mistakes

Don't blow-dry it too often either as this also has the above effect. Change your shampoos and conditioners every 3 months or less because this keeps the hair in top shape!

By: Francesca White on Sat, Mar 1st 2003

More shiny hair advice

My mother always told me that when my hair looked dull to wash and rinse my hair as usual, but right before your ready to turn off the water, run cold water over your hair first. I'm not sure if it's good for the hair or not, but it works!

If you do like to wash your hair everyday put almond oil on it at night before you go to bed and wash it in the morning. Your hair will be super shiny and strong. Also rub it into your nails to make the tips white.

In the last reply Claire wrote to put in almond oil... I'm sorry... but what is that?

'Almond oil' It's almond, as in the nuts, oil. You can get it from pharmacies and places :-).

To help get rid of frizz rub a tumble dryer sheet over dry hair or try smoothing over a tshirt that has been washed in lots of fabric conditioner. this will give an excellent finish.

To prevent frizz put hairspray on your hair pat it down then brush it out b4 it drys with a fine comb.it always works for me! .

I solve this problem by putting one drop of baby oil in my conditioner then leave it inhair for about 2 minutes. It makes your hair so shiny-not oily. But only use 1 drop.
Another idea is to put mayo in your hair and wrap your head in plastic wrap. This keeps the heat on your scalp and it opens up the hair folicals so that they can absorb the oils in the mayo. Leave in for 30 minutes and Shampoo hair right away.

I use frizz taming serum, Its really cheap... 1.70! its greasy but u only need a tiny bit, it makes ur hair really shiny n sleek! GREAT

Wash your hair normally and then before you blowdry it put in a heat protection spray or serum. These only cost around 6 (7).

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