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How To Get SQL Server Hosting

Computing : Web Sites

SQL server hosting is a special type of hosting, where in addition to standard web space, email and FTP access you also get an SQL server.

What is SQL and why would you want a server?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language, and refers to a method of interacting and querying a database that sits on the server.

Therefore if you have an ASP driven site that interfaces with a database - typically to serve pages dynamically through templates - then you will need to get SQL server hosting.

The good news is that the variety of these hosts is now massive, in any country there will be many companies that offer SQL server hosting.

The best method therefore would be to post in trusted business forums in your country, and get some recommendations. Be wary of going with the cheapest price, as the quality and reliability and speed of service is all important.

By: Fred

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