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How To Get The Best From An Interviewee

Career : Career Techniques

At some stages of your career, you might need to interview people.

This may be once you have reached a managerial level, or indeed if you branch out and start your own company then often you will be working with other people and need to select someone for the job.

So what can be done to ensure that you conduct a good interview and get the right person for the job?

The key is to project a friendly image and try to keep things relaxed whilst still formal. A candidate on edge and a bag of nerves will not perform well which is bad news for you as you won't get the best out of them and be able to judge on a more objective basis who is the best candidate.

Remember to start with some general small talk to lead them in - how they got there, was the traffic ok and so on, do they want a glass of water... This is essential as people's mouths can get very dry at interview.

Next, be sure to give them time to answer at each stage. Many nervous interviewers are more aware of silences than the candidate. Particularly with tougher questions they might need a little bit of time to compose their answers so this is quite normal and you should accept up to around a minute of silence whilst they think of their answer.

Remember to keep questions structured and don't interrupt. If you need to explore more then ask probing open questions rather than closed questions. Try not to go off topic, and if the candidate does, lead them gently back into the topic.

Take as many notes as you can to help you remember and build a picture of the candidate afterwards, as often there are reasonable gaps between interviews, certainly a week or two on occasion to interview all candidates.

By: Job Expert

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