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How To Get Up The Nerve To Ask Him Out

Relationships : Dating Advice

Tricky! Well for starters, getting to know him is the best thing. You may be shy, but its not to hard to say hello or hi.

Ones you have the Hi routine established try to start conversations with him. If you find it really hard to talk to a guy picture somthing silly that he problably does. Somthing like, running around in his underwear, that will make it alot easier to relize He is JUST a human being. And once you get to the point that you are talking to him regualrly, shows sign thats your interested in him.


Now down to businesss. Hes your friend, you like him more than just a friend, do something about it. 50/50 percent he will reject, but hey, take the chance. If he says no, your still friends, so its a win win situation. Be casual, big thing! Dont wait for him to ask you out. Chances are he wont, but not because he doesnt like you, its because most guys are blind. Meaning, if love comes there way, they usauly have noooo idea.

How to keep a relationship going

But! If he says yes that woopee! Good for you! But thats not where it stops. Since this is about getting the nerve to ask him out, I pretty much leave the room when it comes to keeping a good relationship together. but one peice of advice. To get love is chance not choice. To keep love is not chance its work. To let go of love is not chance, its choice.

Good Luck!

By: Maddy

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Great tip Maddy!

If you don't ask you will never know, so if you get a no at least you know and a yes is great!

If you never ask you never get!

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