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How To Get Your Big TV Break


Plain and simple: hard work and opportunism.

If you work as a runner or on a TV show, then you will soon know who's who, and who you need to impress.

What you then do over a period of months is to impress that person - perhaps by suggesting new ideas, commenting on the show, saying what works well and what not so well etc (but don't be too critical!)

This may lead to work on other shows, or even help you move on to presenting.

The big break is often luck. Many TV stars these days recall how they were an enthusiastic runner for a couple of years (like above), then got their break through chance.

A typical example is that the presenter of the show is sick or stuck in traffic and unable to get infront of the camera. With no time to find someone else, they need someone who knows the show to go in front of the camera - that's where you can come in.

And if you play your cards right, you could be in front of the camera for many years to come!

By: Stephen

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