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How To Get Your Friend To Realise Their Boyfriend Is Cheating

Relationships : Friendships

If you know that your friends boyfriend is cheating on them or is not all that they are cracked up to be and that your friend deserves to be with someone better and loyal then you have something of a dilemma.

Tell them and risk ruining your friendship or being told that you are meddling, but if you don't get involved then you risk watching them getting hurt down the line when they do find out. So what should you do?

Well there is no easy answer, and partly it will depend on how bad you think the situation is. If you feel your friend is being humiliated then you need to find a quiet spot where it is just the two of you to tell them. If possible have someone else who can back up your side of events if your friend refuses to believe you and thinks that you are making it up.

If you leave it for them to find out then you are not chickening out, other peoples relationships are exactly that and as painful as it can be to see someone in the wrong relationship, sometimes there is very little that you can do other than just leave them to their own devices!

By: Stephanie

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