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How To Give A Facial Massage

Health And Fitness : Massage

The great thing with this facial massage beauty tip is that if you learn how to give it to someone else you can also give it to yourself.

In fact it is often best to learn and practice on yourself before you give it to someone else and adapt the basic technique of this beauty tip so that it works well for you.

All that you need do is put some massage oil of choice on your fingers, to lubricate.

Then start the facial massage!

Start at the centre of the forehead and slide fingers of your hands out to the side of head by your ears, then move in and out a few times, rubbing however you please.

After the forehead is massaged, the next area to move onto is the nose, again rub up and down here with a circular motion, and broaden to around the cheeks and eyes too.

By: Stephanie

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