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How To Give A Hand Massage

Health And Fitness : Massage

A hand massage is a popular type of massage and is quite easy to learn to give well.

One important aspect is to ensure that, before starting, your fingers are well lubricated. This will help reduce friction when giving the massage and make it easier to give a smooth and pleasurable hand massage to relax the subject of the massage.

Therefore simply pour a little massage oil on your hand first to get well lubricated. A dry hand massage is much harder to do well.

Once your hand is lubricated with massage oil, hold the wrist of your subject, and gently stroke in circular motions moving down to the fingers.

Pay particular attention to each finger, moving from left to right or right or left depending on the hand.

With each finger, massage the length of it, and change the pressure from soft to a slight squeeze as you go up, and gently apply pressure on the top of the nail too when you reach it.

Once you have done that slowly, rub gently from the knuckle down to the wrist, then up the length of the hand, then back down, and repeat a few times.

By: Stephanie

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