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How To Give An Arm Massage

Health And Fitness : Massage

If you are giving someone an arm massage, then you will no doubt concentrate on different parts of the arm at different stages.

One tip that works well is to grip the arm with one hand, and squeeze gently. Then move a little up the arm, and squeeze again.

Repeat this motion, moving up the length of the arm and giving a little squeeze at each stage along the way.

This may sound a little odd perhaps, but it feels great. The good thing is you can even try it on yourself to see!

Then also use the other hand to fairly quickly rub up and down the entire length of the arm in one smooth motion, up and down.

Again this can feel really good, though be sure not to squeeze too hard as then friction can take over and it can be a little painful for the subject. As ever experiment and adjust until you get it right, and practice on yourself first!

By: Stephanie

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