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How To Give Your Life Meaning

Self Development : Happiness

Sometimes we reach a bit of a slump in the road and we are not sure where to go. At this time things like happiness and confidence can drain away as we are not sure what we are doing, or if we are doing things, we are not really sure why we are doing what we are doing.

The fact is that we all need direction or a map to follow in our lives. For many this happens automatically but for a variety of reasons we may start to drift along or question what we are doing or become disillusioned.

It is at this sort of time that you need more than ever to set yourself a purpose - create some goals for yourself to achieve.

You can then measure your success and your actions against how they help you to strive and reach for those goals. The focus they give you will stop you drifting and feeling a little aimless.

Try to be as specific as you can in your goals to help you see if you are achieving them or not, and make them hard but not too stretching that you will again become depressed if you do not attain them.

By: Stephanie

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