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How To Guard Against Athletes Foot

Beauty : Hands And Feet

Athletes foot is caused by a small fungus that infects and grows on your skin. Nice for the fungus, not so nice for you!

So what can you do to stop athlete's foot taking hold on your feet?

The most important thing to do is ensure that you always dry your feet fully after any contact with water - and between toes too.

If you wish, use talcum powder on the soles of feet and between toes to aid the drying process.

Ensure that your feet are able to breathe in any footwear that you use, and always have fresh socks on, particularly if they get at all sweaty through exercise, or rain.

Cotton socks tend to work best. Also when at the swimming pool consider wearing swimming shoes to ensure that you do not step on areas that infected feet have trod on - not a nice thought!

By: Stephanie

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