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How To Haggle

Money : Money Management

Hagging is a great fun tradition, that is now pretty much left to just markets and marketplaces. However, it is always worth asking the question as to prices, and whether they can be reduced, particularly with a large purchase.

The best place to start learning to haggle is something like a market or car boot, where it is mandatory - many traders are known to increase their prices by about 20% on what they want because they *expect* to be haggled down by about that margin.

What to set your haggle at? Well, make it realisitic. If an item costs ?20 don't offer ?5 for it - they won't take that unless desperate and may even get a little offended.

A good rule of thumb is to offer half the price, and then work your way up until you receive a 25% discount or so.

Set yourself limits - if you really want an item then be prepared to buy for 10% or more.

If you would like something but it's not life or death, go for a 20% - 25% discount

If you are just chancing your arm and aren't too fussed either way, then see if you can get a 50% discount or call it quits!

By: Stephen

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