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Hair Colour & Personality

Beauty : Haircare

Brunettes, whether your hair is a light brown through to a dark brown, whether it has highlights or is just one of the many different shades of brunette.
Here is what being a brunette can say about your personality:

Being a brunette sometimes you may prefer to isolate yourself rather than stand out from the crowd, you feel as if you should take a back seat.
This is not true, being brunette makes you beautiful and it is your time to shine. You like to learn new things and you are quite creative. You studied well at school/university and
have wanted a steady career. But have some fun too, you can sometimes be to hard on yourself, as your a perfectionist.

Black Hair
Black hair is seen as beautiful, whether your hair is a very very dark brown, where it is almost black doesn't matter, dark hair is seen as
luxurious. Here is what dark hair can say about your personality:

You like to see yourself as mysterious, but truth is you are pretty simple really, you like the fine things in life, you enjoy film and television and artistic things.
You have always had a tight group of friends, and you are fairly confident in yourself.

Red Hair
Red hair, it is fiery, bold and full of personality, whether you only have some red in your hair, or whether you are ginger, or having flaming red hair.
This is what can be said about your personality:

You sometimes feel there is a pressure to be the fun and fiery character in the group, however you actually like the peace and quiet, you enjoy walks and visiting new places
you are into music, and if you don't already play an instrument, you have always wanted to learn how to play one. You enjoy meeting new people and socializing, but you also
like time alone to read and be at peace.

They say Blondes have more fun...
If you have blond hair, whether it is platinum, bleached, or ash.. Here is what being Blonde can say about your personality:

Blondes are much more complicated then people think. As a blonde you feel like there are so many stereotypes, and you wish people would realize everyone is different.
Some of us do like to read, and to stay indoors and listen to music, rather than be the crazy party animal.

By: Jade

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