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Hanjie Strategy

Games : Puzzles

The best strategy with Hanjie is to have a scan round for certain squares first. There is usually one or more combinations available to fill in straight away to get you started.

If not, then you will need to get straight into cross-checking and elimination on that basis.

One key idea is to put a mark of your desired sort in any square that you know can't be filled in. This will act as a prompt to help you spot valid combinations.

Often it is working out where there cannot be a filled cell that is key to solving the puzzle - each time you do you reduce the possible combinations available in the row/column, and so by gradually filling in these cells across the grid you will be able to deduce the patterns.

It is also useful to try to stick to a certain sized grid at first when getting the hang of it - perhaps up to an eight cell table. This is because there are many less combinations and you can solve them quicker whilst getting the hang of how it all works!

By: Dan

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