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How To Have A Healthy Attitude To Food

Health And Fitness : Food And Health

With all the pressure on people to look a certain way and not to eat too much, there is almost a feeling that eating is bad for you and some people literally get guilty when they eat which can of course lead to problems.

The key is to remember that eating should still be something that we enjoy - after all we have to do enough of it through our lifetime.

We can eat healthily and still enjoy our food - fresh fruit and vegetables for instance and nice fish and poultry are delicious! There is no need to go on a salad and ryvita diet like some people think.

Remember too that you can treat yourself from time to time.

If you eat healthy food about 90% of the time then why not spend the other 10% rewarding yourself with treats like a bit of chocolate or whatever? That's only fair.

After all life is too short to have no fun at all particularly when it comes to something as essential and what should be enjoyable like eating!

By: Stephanie

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