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How To Have Healthy Eyes

Health And Fitness : Food And Health

In terms of foods, there are some substances that have a beneficial affect on the health of the eyes, and therefore you should target these in your diet.

The most important are foods that are high in vitamin C, as they help promote the blood vessels in the eyes. You will know these can be found in a great many foods - particularly most fresh fruits, orange juice and so on.

Another important chemical is beta carotene, that is famously found in orange carrots. It is also absorbed into the body better in the presence of vitamins A and E.

Some pigments in the eye are promoted through vitamin D also - so include this in the diet.

As a rule to have healthy eyes the body needs the same ingredients as for many parts of the body - fresh fruit and vegetables, containing a range of natural vitamins and minerals will be a beneficial addition to most diets.

By: Stephanie

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