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How To Have Healthy Hair In The Summer

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The summer months can play havoc with your hair as it will be exposed to elements that can cause it to become drier and encourage split ends. Try to avoid always using tight bands to pull back your hair, and alternate with clips - these elastics can cause breakage.

If you swim a lot, whether in a pool or in the sea, you have to use a special anti-chlorine shampoo to stop the water discolouring your hair. Being out in the sun a lot will also cause your hair to be dry, so you might want to use a moisturising conditioner a few times a week, and a few times a month you should try out a hot oil treatment. However, you can also buy sprays and leave in conditioners that moisturise your hair, but also have ingredients which provide protection against the rays that damage your hair most.

Another way of protecting your hair is to wear a hat or even a headscarf, whichever you prefer. This is especially important if you have chemically coloured hair, because the sun will make your hair colour fade faster than usual. If you are using lemon juice or other products to lighten your hair in the sun, remember too that these have a very drying effect. Too much exposure to the sun and the delicate skin on your scalp will get burned.

When you are in a hot climate, try to keep blowdrying to a minimum, as well as the use of other appliances like straighteners. When you have to dry your hair manually, use a heat protection spray on it to make the drying out effect less, and hopefully prevent your hair from going frizzy in the warm weather.

Bev Woolfson

By: Bev Woolfson on Tue, May 21st 2002

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