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How To Have Your Say


It is notoriously hard for any individual to have a real say in what goes on in this country. That's why many people are once again returning to the language of slaves... we are either wage slaves, or slaves to the political parties of the day.

One individual vote amongst millions makes no difference, politicians do not listen to millions of people with a different opinion to them - it can seem like a helpless situation to be in.

However, the best way to get your voice heard about an issue that is affecting you in your community is to write to your local MP, or to go to their surgery, which tends to be a weekly meeting they have where anyone can come along and discuss their issues.

Remember, whatever your political persuasion, your MP is elected to represent you and your community whether you voted for them or not. And whilst they might seem like alien and often odd people, you may be surprised how helpful they will be.

So, if you want to really have your say on an issue and make a difference, then contact your local MP about it. All the contact details can be found off the government web site, so just go to www.parliament.uk and click on the directory of MPs, peers and offices link.

By: Dan on Sat, Oct 11th 2003

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